Our state-of-the-art research and development laboratory is the beating heart of Opificio Olfattivo.

This is where the fragrances conceived by the maître parfumeur are created, tested and produced.
With the help of modern extraction systems, we are able to distil many of the essences used to shape the fragrances created for our customers in-house.

We use state-of-the-art gas chromatographs and mass spectrometers to chemically analyse our substances, and their high sensitivity ensures the purity of the formulas. The laboratory is also equipped with sophisticated electronic equipment for the selection, weighing and processing of the essences, with high standards of precision.

All the fragrances produced must undergo strict quality controls and efficacy tests, which allow us to verify their performance in terms of stability, in compliance with the parameters and standards required by the various sectors of application.

Crea la fragranza personalizzata per la tua azienda - Opificio Olfattivo

Quality made in Italy and legislative expertise

The whole production process is strictly “made in Italy”, from the initial design of the essence to the creation of the finished product, including the choice of packaging, strict quality controls and customer care.

A high level of legislative expertise completes the services we offer, always keeping pace with the ever-changing regulatory environment in which we operate.

Services available:
Olfactory design
Our mission? To interpret the essence of the brand and transfer it to our bespoke creations: always new, always original, never predictable. Read More
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Private Labels
With our Private Label service we support the customer in the development, production and packaging of the tailor-made fragrance. Read More
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Full service
From the initial briefing via the bulk production of the fragrance to market launch, Opificio Olfattivo takes care of your project along the entire production chain. Read More
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