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We conceive, develop and produce your customised fragrance.

Opificio Olfattivo is a young, dynamic company with 30 years of know-how in the design and production of essences and marketing.

From the initial concept to the finished product design, we help companies express their olfactory identity. We bring creativity, experience and technology to the service of business, to develop essences that are original but always in line with the latest international market trends.


Gianpiero Recenti

From Cuneo, after graduating in engineering from Turin Polytechnic and attaining a master’s degree in Strategy and Business Management, Gianpiero Recenti embarked on a brilliant managerial career in the fashion and luxury world and held important managerial positions in the textile and fashion sector (Valentino, Krizia).

He approached perfumery in around 2010, when he met Lorenzo Volontè, with whom he first became a friend and then partner, becoming passionate about the world of essences.

He brought the added value of more than 30 years of managerial and entrepreneurial experience to Opificio Olfattivo, combining that experience with the burning enthusiasm of the beginnings.

Lorenzo Volontè

Our maître parfumeur, the creative mind of Opificio.

He began his career at a very young age as a “nose” in a production company, where he gained extensive experience in the field, dealing directly with raw materials and natural essences.

Combining this with high-level technical skills, particularly in the chemical sector, he supervises the entire chain of research, testing and production of fragrances, as well as carrying out conformity checks on ingredients and formulas.

He boasts 30 years’ experience as a designer of olfactory compositions, in which he combines fervid artistic inspiration with constant technical updates and a profound sensitivity to the latest moods, trends and styles.

Brand identity
Every fragrance is an emotion that tells a story.
You can rely on us to communicate your story: personal, unique, inimitable.

Our team is passionately dedicated to the most powerful, instinctive and mysterious of the five senses that man possesses: smell.

Starting with high-quality raw materials, each essence is processed with meticulous care. The creative process takes place in close collaboration with the customer companies to identify a customised path, capable of optimally interpreting and enhancing the brand’s taste, style and commercial needs.

The whole production process is strictly “made in Italy”, guaranteeing high quality standards and respect for regulatory protocols.

Are you a company that wants to create its own tailor-made fragrance?

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Place your trust in our team. We can support you with a complete package of services, from the initial design to bringing the product to market.

Crea la fragranza personalizzata per la tua azienda - Opificio Olfattivo

Services available:
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Private Labels
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Full service
From the initial briefing via the bulk production of the fragrance to market launch, Opificio Olfattivo takes care of your project along the entire production chain. Read More
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