We use an extensive palette of noble raw materials for our essences: essential oils and extracts of plants, flowers, citrus fruits, roots, resins, woods, spices and a wide range of synthetic molecules.

All the noble raw materials are sourced from carefully selected Italian and foreign suppliers and most of them are distilled in Italy, directly in our extraction laboratory or by our qualified partner companies.

Stringent olfactory, chemical and biological analyses ensure impeccable quality and performance.

Thanks to our collaboration with a network of selected partners, we offer companies a complete and constantly controlled service, from the processing of natural substances to the packaged and distributed product.

Materie prime - Sviluppo fragranze personalizzate - Opificio Olfattivo

Services available:
Olfactory design
Our mission? To interpret the essence of the brand and transfer it to our bespoke creations: always new, always original, never predictable. Read More
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Private Labels
With our Private Label service we support the customer in the development, production and packaging of the tailor-made fragrance. Read More
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Full service
From the initial briefing via the bulk production of the fragrance to market launch, Opificio Olfattivo takes care of your project along the entire production chain. Read More
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